One Arm Bent Over Back Rows (Lawn Mower)

Area Targeted: Outer Back

Set up:
 Not required
Clip Bands & Handle Bands: No adjustment required
Body Positioning: Stagger your feet with one foot in front. Now stand on the band(s) with your front foot. Leave at least 12 inches of elastic on the inside of the front foot and grab the band right above the clip or handle with the arm opposite of the front leg. Place your inactive hand on the thigh of the front leg.  Keep your back straight, head straight and bend your knees and waist.

Movement: Pull the band up and back until your hand is next to your hip. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.

Points To Remember:
1. Keep your active arm tight to your body as you pull.
2. Hold the band with a loose grip (just tight enough so it does not slip out of your hand).

One Arm Bent Over Back Row (Lawn Mower)


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