Workout Description: Follow along with the very first Bodylastics advanced muscle building workout - Chiseled. You will be shocked at how hard your Chest and Back will work with bands. The workout, is raw, real and effective!





Workout Description: Use your Bodylastics Set for this raw and real advanced muscle building workout episode. Your Shoulders and Arms will be toast by the end. The hard work will pay off! Simply start the video and then follow along with your new workout partners Blake and Ashanti.





Workout Description: Take your Bodylastics resistance bands muscle building workouts to the next level with this killer routine for Legs and Abs. Get your sleep before this one! Simply start the video and follow along.





Workout Description: Get out your Bodylastics Set and work your Chest, Back and Shoulders to the max when you follow along with this advanced "4 minute muscle routine". Get ready because you are going to be really sore!





Workout Description: This is the second advanced Bodylastics muscle building workout for the 4 minute muscle series. You will be shocked at how sore your Legs and arms will be.